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From the moment man is created, he comes in contact with the liquid element. From the immemorial time, man has turned to the underwater world. The dream of staying and exploring the marine environment has remained alive to this day.

In a country like Greece, surrounded by sea, we are by your side to educate you and guide you in this wonderful marine world. Come and live the "Blue" dream together ... !!!

The "Blue" diving center, of PADI organization, is located in the municipality of Nea Propontida with 37,000 inhabitants, in the area of ​​Nea Potidea, Halkidiki. Just 60 km from the city of Thessaloniki and 50 km from the airport "Macedonia" in front of the beach of Nea Potidea, we are ready to serve you and solve any question you have about Scuba Diving and diving equipment.