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Regulator TUSA RS1001 DIN

EUR 270.00 EUR 309.00

The RS1001 is also available on INT upon request


Compact and lightweight R1000 first stage breathing regulator which is compact and lightweight.

It has 4 low pressure ports and two high pressure ports.


First stage (R1000)

Balanced first stage diaphragm

Cold water insulation system

Two H.P. doors and four doors L.P. (2 standard / 2 high flows)

The doors of L.P. high flow offer 15% increase in air flow

DIN version available as RS1001 DIN (300bar / 4350psi)


The second stage S0001 has a venturi adjusting lever for smooth air supply with every breath.

The S0001 is also equipped with a mouthpiece designed to increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue.


Second stage (S0001)

Lightweight, compact casing

Left or Right Side Configuration

Venturi flow system

Properly designed mouthpiece

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